Distributed storage system integration platform

What is the Uni- Cloud?

UC is the abbreviation of uni cloud. UC uses blockchain and 5g and other high-tech technologies to record and store data. With cryptography, distributed storage and consensus mechanism as the underlying technology support, UC creates a new data generation and application ecology with blockchain technology as the core. UC's multiple encryption technology makes uploaded videos, pictures and files more private, and gives corresponding UC as block reward according to the contribution rate of storage space.In addition, at the consensus level, the UC public chain adopts the hybrid mechanism of pow + dpos, which has the characteristics of high performance and consistency, and can prevent malicious nodes from making improper operation under the guarantee of its strict bifurcation responsibility system. At the same time, we introduce the concept of distributed storage network (DSN), which can self coordinate to provide data storage and data retrieval to clients, and provide a solution for recording and storage in the field of distributed storage.

Technical features


Peer to peer P2P network, DHT distributed hash table, data encryption fragmentation, IPFs network protocol, multi chain incentive mechanism block exchange

Allocation scheme
Total issue: 50 million, circulation 7.5 million